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Honeydew Cucumber Smoothie with a Kiss of Lime


Approx. 14-15 oz.

Given that we tend to sweat more when it’s hot, it's recommended that we start hydrating about double the amount we normally would. That’s a LOT of liquid – best bet is water. Doctor it up by adding lemon, sliced cucumbers, or mint. But even I have a limit to spruced up water, so this extra hydrating smoothie is a great alternative.

For both the honeydew and cucumber in this recipe, make an extra effort to buy organic. When they are both in season, there is a nice bumper crop AND they have so much more flavor! This is great for a mid-day pick-me-up, a starter course for a summer dinner or simply a liquid lunch.


Honeydew Melon 2 Cups (cut up)

English Cucumber 1 ½ Cups (cut up)

Sheep’s or Goat Yogurt ~ 3 oz.

Limes 1 oz. plus 1 T (juiced)

Fresh Mint 2 Ts (torn up)

6-7 Ice Cubes

NOTE:  Choose a smaller, fully ripe organic honeydew if possible.  You will hit optimum honeydew flavor and sweetness this way.  If this is not possible and you find the honeydew waning, add a few drops of agave syrup to the smoothie to round out the flavors.

Please buy organic whenever possible!


Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend, pour, ENJOY!!

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