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Curried Brown Rice with Ground Turkey, Pine Nuts and Currants


6 Servings

Two tablespoons of curry powder (I like S&B – has a nice kick to it) may seem like a lot, but you are flavoring both the ground turkey and the rice. In fact, you may even want to add a bit more!


*indicates “optional”


Whole Grain Brown Rice, 1 Cup – quickly rinsed

Ground Turkey, 1 pound

Curry Powder, 2 Ts

Olive Oil, 2 Ts

Salt and Pepper

*Pine Nuts, 1 T

*Currants, 1 T

Salt and Pepper

Please buy organic whenever possible!


In a medium saucepan, add the olive oil and curry powder – cook on medium for about a minute to open-up the spice.  Add the ground turkey, breaking it up as much as you can while it cooks.  Salt and Pepper generously to taste. When the turkey is done, pour it in prep bowl.   Cook the rice in the same pan – no need to clean it.  Cook according to instructions.  When the rice is done, combine it with the finely crumbled ground turkey.  Salt and pepper to taste – add pine nuts and currents if desired. 

Refrigerate to store. 

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