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Cocoa Coffee Re-Coup Smoothie


2 Servings, ~16 oz.

Making a smoothie at home has a funny way of being very rewarding. At least for me, I kind of feel like I got one over on the heftily priced, excessively-hipster juice bar down the street.


Organic Cold Brewed or cold coffee, ½ Cup

Organic Oat Milk, ½ Cup

Organic Almond Butter, 3 Ts

Organic Cocoa Powder, 2 Ts

Organic Ground Flax, 1 T

Organic Avocado, ½ Med Ripe

Organic Greek or Extra Creamy Goat Yogurt, 1/3 Cup

Organic Agave Syrup, 1 t.

Ice, 1 Cup


Combine all ingredients and blend on low to break up ice, then a good 45-60 seconds on high.

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