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Classic Chicken Soup


8-12 Servings

A grateful soup. This is how my sister-in-law described homemade chicken soup. I was young at the time and didn’t quite understand, but now I do. It’s a soup that is very forgiving and I am always grateful for that.


Whole Chicken, One

Carrots, 5-6 Med – unpeeled, cut into ½" slices

Celery, 5-6 Ribs – cut into ½" slices

Gluten Free Pasta, ~ ¾ lb.

Lemon, 4-5 thin slices

Garlic, 3-4 whole peeled cloves

Rosemary, 3-4 3” twigs

Salt and Pepper

Please buy organic whenever possible!


Using a medium to large stock pot, remove the wrapper from the chicken and place it in the pot.  Cover the chicken with water plus an additional two inches.  Add the lemon, garlic, and rosemary to the water.  Place the pot on the stove and bring to a boil.  Once it boils, immediately turn it to a low simmer.  Cover the pot and simmer for one hour.  While the chicken is cooking, dice the celery and carrots, place in a prep bowl.  Once the chicken is cooked, fish it out of the broth (turkey lifters work great for this task) along with the lemon, and rosemary twigs.  Let the chicken rest.  Transfer the veggies to the stock and simmer until the carrots are tender.  Add the pasta and continue to cook on a low simmer until pasta is just done.  Salt and pepper the stock until the flavor is brought up.  Shred or chop the chicken into bite size pieces and add back to the pot.  An excellent addition to this soup is an additional squeeze of lemon and a bit of smoked sea salt. 

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