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My approach to cooking:  This can be summed up in one line – it’s how I want to eat.  And if I can’t find it, I make it.  Just as I describe on my home page, we are all unique and how we eat is a huge chunk of our individual-ness. For example, I choose to use no dairy from COWS – but I do use Goat products.  I have found that goat yogurts, cheeses, etc. do not cause me or my family any digestive issues – not to mention, goats, for the most part are not fed GMO grains, and thrive on a diet based on variety of vegetables and grasses.  In addition, I do not use gluten  in my recipes (or keep to trace amounts) – again, another ingredient that does not digest well for me and my family.  You will also see a trace amount of sugar.  I bend towards whole, organic, real foods – not processed or at least minimally processed.  I have found this approach to work for me – however, you may have no issues (digestive wise) with the ingredients I do not use.  Feel free to substitute out – but I cannot guarantee the outcome, as I may not have tested it.  If you are curious about a substitute or need a little guidance on a recipe, feel free to email me anytime at  I will do my best to get back to you!


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