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DO NOT Make Losing Weight a New Year's Resolution, I Beg of You!

After working in the food industry from several angles, if there is one thing that I found there is no escaping from is seasonal marketing. And it DOES NOT GO AWAY. Every single year you can count on holiday and holiday-esque marketing – from New Year’s Eve onward. And onward includes the onslaught of “lose weight now!” ads that start Jan. 1st, 12:01 am. It is a multi-million-dollar industry and believe me, it is all about making money, not about helping you lose weight. There are calculations, analyzed market segmented data, “new” studies published (yes, right in the nick of time) and so on - all related to getting people to sign up to gyms, aps, diet programs, meal delivery kits, etc. Then there are the frozen foods, the protein bars, the gummies – get ready for a big push. I am not saying that any single one of these products are void of value, but I am saying, don’t be duped. By duped, I mean that it’s a well proven fact that 90% of people who claim a weight lose resolution, purchase a product related to that resolution, do not follow through. Those are some ugly odds.

This does not, in any way negate the very real phenomena of weight gain over the holidays. That is simply a fact. And for many it’s a time that adds insult to injury, leaving them a bit more vulnerable to “lose weight fast” products.

So, what to do? First and foremost, forget the January marketing push timeline. Let January be like any other month. Secondly, like any other endeavor in your life, look at it with as much honesty as you can muster. How did I get here? Overeating, eating to please others, eating out of boredom, eating to put off painful choices, etc. For some it’s a simple equation and fix – I overate, let myself eat whatever I wanted, and now will do what it takes to take off the extra weight. That group, by the way, is the minority. The majority is looking at a much more complex set of eating issues. So don’t let the January weight loss marketing push add to the mix. If anything, let January be a month of reflection and a time for laying the foundation for the changes, choices, behaviors that you identify as necessary to live a healthier life. Then, and only then, move forward with making those changes. Of course, I’m happy to help :).

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